Good to Know! Invisalign Handout

Good to Know!

Each Invisalign treatment plan is customized for your individual needs and desired outcomes. Your treatment plan using Invisalign may include one or all of the following:

Interproximal Reduction:

Dr. Grummons will identify where your teeth need to be slenderized in order to create space that will allow teeth to be placed so that the bite is improved and the teeth take on a please appearance.

This procedure does not damage your teeth or enamel. Occasionally some patients may experience temporary sensitivity to hot or cold.


Dr. Grummons will identify where your teeth need to have attachments placed. Attachments are small pieces of clear plastic that will be bonded to the outside of you teeth during aligner treatment. They help the aligners gain “traction” to move your teeth. They can be round, square, rectangle, or even tear drop shaped. It’s all physics!

Sometimes, we need to take “Refinements” toward the end of your treatment. This simply means we need to take new impressions, like we did at the start of your treatment. You will receive new/replacement sets of aligners to finish out your treatment.

Invisalign Concerns and Info

What is the Invisalign treatment process?

Aligners are worn sequentially, to accomplish extensive tooth movements. Results are accomplished by a series of aligners, until your teeth are fully straightened.

Invisalign is as effective as braces

Invisalign is proven to work just as efficiently as braces, and with many benefits that regular braces can’t offer.

Some other orthodontists say Invisalign does not work.

Many doctors aren’t fully trained or don’t know. The reality is they do not have the training or the Elite status that Dr. Grummons has earned. Also, Dr. Grummons is in the top 1% in the world as Board Certified Specialist with an Elite Invisalign status.

Does Invisalign cost more?

Not at Grummons Orthodontics. We are an Elite Invisalign office, experience in this Northwest region and better pricing advantage for our patients.

Will my insurance cover Invisalign?

Insurance companies cover Invisalign the same as braces

Will my speech be affected by the Invisalign?

Your speech is usually good after some “getting used to”.

Teeth loosen when they move (this is a good thing) so they are flexible and comfortable. They tighten up at the end when retainers are in place.

Ease into wearing aligners at first, like breaking in new shoes.

ChewiesSqueezies – use for one minute with each new aligner for the first two days. Simply bite this between the back teeth to seat aligners fully into place. These are used sometimes, and not on all patients.

“Attachments” – plastic, invisible temporary bonded grips on some teeth during

the process. These are removed in later stages.

Invisalign is the cool way to straighten teeth. Way better to smile without

braces; remove them to brush and eat, enjoy normal social situations.


We will give you a stunning smile!

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