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Commitment to My New Smile


Retainers/Aligners should be worn FULL TIME .
The only time they are out of your mouth is while eating or brushing your teeth. Please remember to put them in the retainer case to avoid breakage. Do not wrap in napkins since the appliance could be discarded, or forgotten somewhere.

Place the retainers/aligners carefully as instructed. We suggest you use a mirror to see how to place it the first few times.

Brush your teeth and the retainer/aligners after each meal with a toothbrush and toothpaste carefully. You can soak them in mouthwash or special rinses to improve freshness.

At first, the retainers will taste of plastic. This gradually diminishes. You can soak them in baking soda and water periodically to neutralize the plastic flavor.

Do not wear retainers while swimming. You can use as a mouth guard for sports activities.

Be careful when removing so parts are neither bent nor distorted. If your retainers get out of adjustment, call for an appointment to have them adjusted.

Avoid keeping the retainers in excessive heat or warm areas, such as your car dashboard.

Bring the retainers/aligners to each appointment, so they can be checked and adjusted as needed.

You will notice that you salivate more the first week or so of wearing. This quickly returns to normal as you become adjusted to your retainers.

To normalize your speech the first few days of wearing these, practice reading out-loud from a book or favorite magazine. This assists in becoming comfortable/confident with speech.

Whenever possible, store in water or mouthwash or a wet wrap in the case to keep it moist and undistorted.

Be careful with the retainers. They are important and cost to replace if lost or broken.

Replacement retainers – this varies with each patient and need. Usually, we offer the first clear replacement (one, not a pair) at no charge. After that, there is a fee for each additional appliance. If your case needs wire spring devices or teeth

re-set, these involve lab costs.

Failure to wear retainers as instructed can permit teeth to shift which may require active appliances or braces to recover, resulting in additional time and fees.

Thanks for doing well with your appliances and for referring others.

Dr. Grummons and Braces Team

“The Brace Place”

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