Duane Grummons, DDS, MSD

Board Certified in Facial Orthopedics and Orthodontics

Speaker Biography

Dr. Grummons is a Board Certified orthodontist who has lectured before most American orthodontic organizations and world-wide. His frontal analysis, TMD publications, facemask therapy, and appliance innovations are sensible, effective, and extensively utilized. Dr. Grummons is internationally recognized for his Airway Friendly Stomatognathic facial orthopedic and face forward orthodontic approaches. He shares efficient and clinically sensible approaches to facial orthopedic, facial asymmetry, TMD management, and non-extraction orthodontic treatments.

Dr. Grummons is Associate Professor of Orthodontics at The Loma Linda University Medical Center Orthodontic Department. He has appeared before many orthodontic, dental, imaging, surgical and medical conferences. He has made radio/TV appearances (ABC, NBC, FOX Affiliates). His orthodontic specialty practice and 3D imaging center are in Spokane, WA. He will team up with Dr Steve Olmos in San Diego to provide comprehensive pediatric airway and facial orthopedic / orthodontic therapies in a team approach patterned upon a medical model for definitive airway / wellness care.

Commercial Interests : Grummons Orthopedic Facemask (Great Lakes Orthodontics)

    GrumRax Space Gainer (Leone Orthodontics)

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