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“Orthodontic and Restorative Triumphs”

Clinical doctors like to learn from colleague treatment approaches and cases. This vigorous lecture will feature orthodontic, 3D cone beam mastery, restorative magic, and TMD co-management strategies with treatment particulars. The clinician must distinguish and apply clinical good sense with exquisite differential therapies, while side-stepping nonsense and clinical myths. The truth prevails; the principles sustain.

Attractive smiles have functional comfort, smile symmetry, facial balance and TMJ stability consistent with the individualized facial morphology. The patient should triumph after treatment with optimized function, elevated self-confidence, and a radiant smile. Each year, Dr. G has youth patients voted “BEST SMILE” in schools, and adults commute from faraway places for stunning smiles.

Today’s clinicians have awakened to 3-D interest in facial and smile perspectives. Knowledge is knowing facts; wisdom is knowing what to do with them. Cases done well, with a dynamic interdisciplinary approach, yield stunning smiles and occlusal harmonies. Man’s mind, once stretched by these new ideas, can never fall back to the same old approaches. This presentation celebrates great smile outcomes with a team approach.

Objectives – You will learn:

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