“Good Morning and thank you for being here today!

Our presentation “G’s Ortho Secret Sauce” by Dr. Duane Grummons will begin shortly but first, let’s get some housekeeping out of the way.

Please turn off all cell phones and other audio devices now.

And, please remember that, with all the lectures this weekend, no photographs or recordings may be taken during the presentation. Those who violate this policy will be asked to leave the lecture room.

Audio recordings with synchronized slides will be available for purchase as a DVD-ROM at the Sales Booth located in Member Services area on Level 3. There is a discounted price for orders placed during the conference.

It is my distinct pleasure to introduce your next speaker and the world’s best boss, Dr. Duane Grummons, a Board Certified Orthodontist from Spokane, WA.

Dr. Grummons has lectured before most American and world-wide orthodontic organizations. His 3D frontal analysis, clinical publications, and appliance innovations are sensible and extensively utilized. Dr. Grummons is internationally recognized for his efficient, clinically sensible approaches to facial orthopedic, frontal asymmetry, TMD management, and non-extraction orthodontic treatment.

Dr. Grummons is an Associate Professor of Orthodontics at The Loma Linda University Medical Center Orthodontic Department. He has appeared before many dental and medical conferences, and has made radio/TV appearances (ABC, NBC, FOX Affiliates). But in addition, he successfully oversees a busy practice with 14 full time employees. His innovative and successful approaches to team building, management, marketing, and motivation will be shared with all of you this morning…

We are all in for a Real Treat!”

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