Loma Linda Transverse lecture April 2016


Presenter:  Dr. Grummons                       Lecture Date: Monday, April 25, 2016

Lecture Topic/Title:  Transverse Analysis and Expansion Appliances Therapies

Utilizing frontal facial information, therapeutic approaches are more specific and effective, while directed toward particular etiology.  Occlusal plane, midline, chin location, and smile esthetics are primarily addressed.  Beautiful facial proportions and smile harmony can be developed despite initial facial dysmorphosis and disproportions.  Asymmetry of the facial parts is the rule, rather than the exception.

Patients view themselves from the frontal perspective, so this carries priority in assessing problems and treatment outcomes.  It is important to know the etiology of asymmetry to assist others with genetic counseling.  In orthodontics, we are essentially a generation of profiles, looking at the lateral cephalometric image.  Facial harmony and smile beauty are optimal when facial and dental midlines are aligned.  The occlusal plane should be level, or nearly so.  The chin should be centered, or nearly so.  The maxillary width should be sufficiently wide to be in harmony with the individual patient facial type and morphology.  Best facial development and proportionality exist when the transverse skeletal and dental components are optimized transversely and are symmetric.

Lecture Goal(s):

Many clinicians have not employed the frontal perspective.  Therefore, the purposes of this lecture are to: (1) update the findings in the morphology and growth in the transverse dimension; (2) simplify evaluation of facial asymmetry using the Ricketts and Grummons frontal analyses; (3) describe practical clinical applications of anteroposterior images and analysis; and (4) demonstrate the needs and benefits of three-dimensional diagnostic and treatment applications.


Presenter: Duane Grummons, DDS, MSD

Board Certified Orthodontist

Speaker Biography

Dr. Grummons is a Board Certified orthodontist who has lectured before most American orthodontic organizations and world-wide. His frontal analysis, TMD publications, facemask therapy, and appliance innovations are sensible, effective, and extensively utilized. Dr. Grummons is internationally recognized for his efficient and clinically sensible approaches to facial orthopedic, facial asymmetry, TMD management, and non-extraction orthodontic treatments.

Dr. Grummons is Associate Professor of Orthodontics at The Loma Linda University Medical Center Orthodontic Department. He has appeared before many dental, surgical and medical conferences, and has made radio/TV appearances (ABC, NBC, FOX Affiliates).

His facial orthopedic and orthodontic specialty practice with 3D imaging center are in Spokane, WA.

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