• Pre- Invisalign and Invisalign Tips & Tricks
  • Retention Strategies – Keepin’ ‘em straightPresenter: Duane Grummons, DDS, MSD Board Certified OrthodontistSpeaker Biography

    Dr. Grummons is a Board Certified orthodontist who has lectured before most American orthodontic organizations and world-wide. His frontal analysis, TMD publications, and appliance innovations are sensible, progressive, and extensively utilized. Dr. Grummons is internationally recognized for his progressive and clinically sensible approaches to facial orthopedic, facial asymmetry, TMD management, and non-extraction orthodontic treatments.

    Dr. Grummons is Associate Professor of Orthodontics at The Loma Linda University Medical Center Orthodontic Department. He has appeared before many dental, surgical and medical conferences, and has made radio/TV appearances (ABC, NBC, FOX Affiliates). His orthodontic specialty practice is in Spokane, WA.

    Pre-Invisalign and Invisalign Tips & Tricks

    “Invisalign – Your Orthodontic Edge”

    • Distinguish Yourself
    • Treat the outlier cases well and with a new knowledge level and confidencePre-Invisalign emphasis
      • Facial orthopedics first
      • Arch development and transverse priorities
      • Distalization strategies
      • Smile design aspects
      • Overbite before overjet
      • Less trays

                    ClinCheck Insights

  • What to look for and ask for treatment efficiencies
  • 3D Pro advantages
  • The Invisalign Manager roleClinical Flow and Scheduling efficiencies
  •  The clinical team – peak performance

    IDT interdisciplinary management – Team Approaches

    • Restorative, Periodontal, Maxillo-Facial jaw surgery cases
    • Airway Friendly approaches
    • TMJ/TMD co-managementRetention Strategies

      • Advantages with Invisalign/Vivera

      Diagnostic and Fee Factor

      Think not in limits; rather in possibilities

      Upward; keep rising. See you at the top.

      Retention Strategies – Keepin’ ‘em Straight

      Clinical doctors like to learn from colleague’s treatment approaches and see cases. The patient should triumph after treatment with optimized function, elevated self-confidence, and a radiant smile. This vigorous lecture will feature treatment and retention particulars.

      The retention phase of facial orthopedic and/or orthodontic therapy is challenging for sure. It is easy to start treatment; it is difficult to finish cases and then keep conditions stable. Hint: duct tape and crazy glue will not hold the case together after treatment!

      • What matters most in the retention phase?
      • What individualized treatment strategies must be known during orthodontics?
      • What tips and wisdom are advantageous during retention phase?This lecture will fill you up with knowledge and clinical strengths to apply. Knowledge is knowing facts; wisdom is knowing game changers and what to do with them. See you there ready to be informed!

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