Let’s take an informative journey utilizing essential and preeminent BioProgressive

approaches for dentistry and orthodontics. It is significant what we can do. Once we

utilize these principles, we cannot be without them.

Patients want to be well informed. They want to be treated by a doctor and team who

are well informed. Dental asymmetries and functional deviations can be treated with

orthodontic and facial orthopedic correction during the growth period based upon the

fundamentals of basic science and clinical sensibility: surgical management becomes

indicated later.

Yield stunning smiles with occlusal harmonies. Great smiles have harmony, symmetry,

and a broadness consistent with the individual’s facial form, morphology, and balance.

Occlusal plane, midline, chin location, and smile esthetics will be specified. Asymmetry

of the facial parts is the rule, rather than the exception.

We are clinical doctors who like to learn from each other’s treatment approaches and

cases. This vigorous lecture will include advanced specifics regarding Class III dysplasia

cases, Class II differential treatment particulars, and orthodontic asymmetry examples

with dynamic teachings to be shared.

Dr. Grummons will present useful and up-to- date Class II and III clinical aspects, which

affect facial harmonies, mandibular function, TMD perspectives, and esthetic treatment


The patient should triumph after treatment with optimized self-confidence and radiant

smile. Man’s mind, once stretched by new ideas, can never remain the same.

Educational Objectives – following conclusion of this session, each attendee will be

able to manage:

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