Let’s recognize the essentials from the front and apply modernized preeminent BioProgressive treatments. Dental-facial asymmetries and functional deviations are treated with differential orthodontics and facial orthopedic modification, or surgical management later. Patients want to be treated by a well informed clinician.

Stunning smiles have proportionality, harmony, symmetry, and broadness consistent with the individual’s facial form, morphology, and balance. It begins with three-dimensional assessment, then modernized BioProgressive approaches. Occlusal plane, midline, chin location, and specific smile esthetics are within these dynamic asymmetry teachings.

This vigorous lecture includes advanced particulars for Class II and III dysplasia cases which influence facial harmonies, mandibular function, TMD and esthetic outcomes.

The patient should triumph after treatment with optimized self-confidence, symmetric facial harmonies and a radiant smile. Man’s mind, once stretched by new ideas, can never remain the same.

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