Lessons from above:

How your team behaves trickles down from the top.

Organizational Values:

Solid Managers:

CORE (essential and central part of something bigger than each part)

An Inspired Team delivers Motivated Patients

Quality Assurance and Customer Satisfaction:

Sound Conduct:

Doing the right thing comes with the job description:

1. Zero Tolerance: If a team member “forgets” the practice philosophies, one can be sent home (yellow card) for the day if they display unacceptable behavior, lack of attention to details, or weakened attitudes or gossip. Like in sports, the first penalty is a warning which is to send the person home with pay for the day; the second warning is a send home without pay; any third warning is a send home to stay.

Individuals play the game, but a Team wins the championship

It is vitally important that we distinguish and separate ourselves from the competition.

How do we create well known reasons for patients and referring doctors to choose us?

Are we in motion (pond or stream)? Are we in pursuit of knowledge? Do we shine?

Are we content to stay comfy in our nest, or are we hunting for food and new success?

Bad seeds cannot produce good fruit; good seeds cannot produce bad fruit.

Never let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game.

Entrepreneurs re-invent themselves…they take the risks to move upward and onward.

Do more than survive…thrive! Seek a harvest by risking and planting seeds of efforts.

Man’s mind once stretched by new ideas, can never remain the same.

Knowledge is knowing facts; wisdom is knowing what to do with them.

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