Dare to be different – distinguish yourself

Fully utilize Pre-Invisalign strategies

Command 5/10 step, Teen and Full Invisalign appliance therapies

The Invisalign approach must be clinically efficient and effective for the treatment goals we seek. We desire to have this technique to be predictable/profitable. These pre-aligners approaches are game-makers. The orthodontist needs to deeply know and fully apply Invisalign to separate the orthodontic specialist from others. Invisalign is ortho protein; like brackets on steroids.

My pre-Invisalign topic is insightful and clinically relevant. I started this topic 5 years ago, and it is catching on since colleagues realize it often takes more than what the Aligners alone can achieve. Together, it becomes the treatment approach of choice. The doctors doing it this way stand apart from colleagues. Step up; stand out.

What can we do to be way out in front delivering fine results with Invisalign?

1. Educate the public and referring offices about “Premier and Elite status”

2. Pre-Invisalign Therapy

1. Width first

2. Vertical improvements

3. A-P correction follows

3. Communication with lab technician

5. Esthetics: Face-driven Invisalign Therapy

6. Asymmetry

7. Team Management

Think not in limits; rather in possibilities.

Upward; keep rising. See you at the top.

Dr. Duane Grummons

Board Certified in Facial Orthopedics and Orthodontics

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