October 4-5, 2019
Toronto Airport Marriott
This lecture focuses on the importance of dentofacial orthopedics during early childhood well before permanent teeth have erupted. This session examines treatments that help correct/manage breathing and sleep disorders, mouthbreathing, habitual snoring, teeth grinding and other related conditions. The significant improvement in the child’s facial appearance will also improve the smile and self-confidence, which are so important during the developmental years. Secondary treatment needs are then moderated, and superior outcomes are achieved with patient benefits for a lifetime.

In this program, you will learn:
• Airway co-management issues; earlier screening with therapies
• Sleep disorders with medical co-management and allied therapies
• Behavioral, structural, functional and wellness therapies
• Benefits of 3D cone beam diagnostic and treatment applications
• Earlier treatment…the right treatment at the right time
• Transverse jaw and 3-dimensional arch discrepancies
• Facial asymmetries…essentials from the front
• Smile esthetics regarding occlusal plane, midlines, and chin location
• Mid-facial class III treatments…slow RPE + facemask therapy
• Class II mandibular imbalances

100 Pathways to Practice Success
Take away 100 specific innovative ideas to grow your practice and keep patients engaged:
•Airway and Facial Orthopedic Factors for Success
• Facial Symmetry and Aesthetic Factors
• Pre-Aligner Approaches that Win
• Essentials for a Thriving Practice

Course Fee: $1,795 CAD + HST
(888) 891-6489


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