Establishing The Orthodontic Edge

Dare to be different – distinguish yourself Fully utilize Pre-Invisalign strategies Command 5/10 step, Teen and Full Invisalign appliance therapies The Invisalign approach must be clinically efficient and effective for the treatment goals we seek. We desire to have this technique to be predictable/profitable. These pre-aligners approaches are game-makers. The orthodontist needs to deeply know and fully […]

Begin with the End in Mind – Clear Ailgners

Pre- Invisalign and Invisalign Tips & Tricks Retention Strategies – Keepin’ ‘em straightPresenter: Duane Grummons, DDS, MSD Board Certified OrthodontistSpeaker Biography Dr. Grummons is a Board Certified orthodontist who has lectured before most American orthodontic organizations and world-wide. His frontal analysis, TMD publications, and appliance innovations are sensible, progressive, and extensively utilized. Dr. Grummons is […]