Treatment of Canted Occlusal Plane

Anka.Grummons.Implant Article George Anka, DDS, MS and Duane Grummons, DDS, MSD Introduction: The treatment of canted occlusal plane has long been a challenging one in orthodontic treatment. The recent development of TAD offers solutions toward better symmetric results without surgery. The applications of the technique and the devices will be explained. The concepts of grower and […]

A Frontal Asymmetry Analysis

A Frontal Asymmetry Analysis JCO 1987 Since the advent of cephalometric radiography, orthodontists have focused on the lateral x-ray as their primary source of patient skeletal and dentoalveolar data. However, the frontal (PA) and basilar views also contain valuable information for diagnosis and treatment planning procedures. Various dental and skeletal widths and skeletal asymmetries that […]

Frontal Cephalometrics: Practical Applications, Part I

Robert M. Ricketts, DDS, MS1/Duane Grummons, DDS, MSD2 Aims: Many clinicians have not employed the frontal perspective. Therefore, the purposes of this paper are to: (1) update the findings in morphology and growth in the transverse dimension; (2) simplify evaluation of facial asymmetry using the Ricketts and Grummons frontal analyses; and (3) describe practical clinical […]