Frontal Cephalometrics: Practical Applications Part 1 and 2

Frontal I Frontal II Aims:┬áMany clinicians have not employed the frontal perspective. Therefore, the purposes of this paper are to: (1) update the findings in morphology and growth in the transverse dimension; (2) simplify evaluation of facial asymmetry using the Ricketts and Grummons frontal analyses; and (3) describe practical clinical applications of anteroposterior images and […]

Retainers and Aligners- Instructions, Information and a Commitment to My New Smile

aligner handout Commitment to My New Smile RETAINERS AND ALIGNERS – INSTRUCTIONS and INFORMATION Retainers/Aligners should be worn FULL TIME . The only time they are out of your mouth is while eating or brushing your teeth. Please remember to put them in the retainer case to avoid breakage. Do not wrap in napkins since […]